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ICAT Playdate — The modern skeleton: Translating natural history into interactive and immersive experiences

March 4, 2022

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Natural history museums provide a direct connection to our current world and past worlds through natural history objects (e.g., skeletons, dioramas, fossils, minerals),  but the public interaction between these objectsThere is largely passive even with associated museum exhibit information panels. To bring museum exhibits to life, will have created a fully immersive exhibit centered on an important dinosaur relative (Teleocrater). The mounted skeleton of Teleocrater (3D printed) will serve as a digital gateway to a unique interactive learning environment created through a combination of the latest paleontological information, Augmented Reality (AR), and interactive information. A second goal of this project is to greatly increase the access to physical and digital models and information about extinct animal skeletons. Our diverse and transdisciplinary team bridges the gap between scientific knowledge about Earth history and presenting that knowledge through engaging educational environments.


  • Sterling Nesbitt
  • Michelle Stocker
  • Max Ofsa
  • Thomas Tucker
  • Jonathan Bradley
  • Scott Fralin
  • Phyllis Newbill
  • Todd Ogle


  • March 4, 2022


  • 8:30am EDT
     Networking, Donuts to go at Community Assembly, Creativity and Innovation District LLC
  • 9am EDT
     Presentation begins in the Community Assembly and 360 Online

Virginia Tech faculty can receive Professional Development Network (PDN) credit for attending

  1. Register at 
  2. Check in with Phyllis Newbill during the event.

Location: Community Assembly, Creativity and Innovation District LLC