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CHCI Playdate — Intelligent Augmented Reality for the Future of Work

February 4, 2022

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Augmented Reality (AR) technology is rapidly maturing. It is widely understood that big tech is pouring significant resources into the development of lightweight, powerful AR form factors that are close to traditional eyeglasses. Many believe that such AR glasses will be the next major revolution in computing, supplanting smartphones. With high-quality AR glasses, users can work anywhere, and can see documents or images at full size even while on the go. The possible applications are practically limitless. However, with this extreme power and flexibility, challenges also arise. When users can display any amount of information at any time, how do we avoid information overload, distraction, and safety hazards? The key question is: how can we enable AR users to access the right information at the right time without compromising real-world activities, and without requiring excessive manual interaction? We envision intelligent AR systems that can detect, understand, and reason about their context of use, and that can adapt their displays and interactions based on that context. In this talk, we will describe our vision and preliminary work in pursuit of those goals.


  • Joe Gabbard
  • Hoda Eldardiry
  • Jia-Bin Huang
  • Nazila Roofigare-Esfahan
  • Doug Bowman


  • February 4, 2022


  • 8:30am EDT
     Networking, Coffee, Donuts at Community Assembly, Creativity and Innovation District LLC
  • 9am EDT
     Presentation begins in the Community Assembly and 360 Online

Virginia Tech faculty can receive Professional Development Network (PDN) credit for attending

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  2. Check in with Phyllis Newbill during the event.

Location: Community Assembly, Creativity and Innovation District LLC