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Spatial Music Workshop Reunion

Spatial Music Workshop Reunion

The Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology invites you to Spatial Music Workshop Reunion 2020: Connections and Reflections, a special reunion of participants of the Spatial Music Workshop, on August 10, 2020.

Spatial Music Workshop

The reunion will be conducted online via Zoom, with some sections streamed to the public. Due to COVID-19, the in-person Spatial Music Workshop 2020 has been postponed, but we wanted to share the love and offer an opportunity to reconnect and introduce this year's participants.

Spatial Music Workshop Reunion 2020: Connections and Reflections

August 10, 2020
1:00-4:15pm EDT

Speed of Sound Talks

Open for Public Viewing
1:00-2:00pm EDT

Former Spatial Music Workshop Participants present 5-10 minute presentations on their practice in spatial music.

New Participants Welcome Session

2:15-3:00pm EDT

This year's participants will introduce themselves and their goals for attending the Spatial Music Workshop. Previous Spatial Music Workshop Participants are encouraged to provide feedback, suggestions, and strategies for success.

Cubetable Discussion (roundtables are outdated)

Open for Public Viewing
3:15-4:15pm EDT

Eric Lyon, Kyle Hutchins, and Tanner Upthegrove prompt discussion from Spatial Music Workshop Participants about their experiences, successes, and lessons learned.