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As we approach the one-year mark spent in isolation and quarantine, we are more aware than ever of inside versus outside spaces and their associated advantages and limitations. Currently inside spaces are primarily individual, isolative spaces while outdoor spaces offer solace and a source of gathering. As humans, we are inherently programmed to operate in a hybrid of environments, constantly switching between inside and outside spaces, however currently with the COVID-19 pandemic, many are struggling to find the correct balance while abiding proper guidelines. Many of our outdoor spaces are being overpopulated, while our indoor spaces feel overly isolated. This project intends to challenge existing forms, by creating a form that concretizes the “in-between” spaces that exist around us. Referencing natural forms and biological structures, we plan to use concrete as a building material to encapsulate voids and thereby create a network of organically-derived pods for human occupation that represent a permeable “in-between” space.