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Aeolian Perception Chamber

Located on a sheep farm in Christiansburg, Virginia, a structure will be arranged to give  an alternate audiovisual perception of wind. The structure will use tensioned acoustic strings to  relay the varying wind speeds through the harmonies it plays. The tapered form takes advantage  of The Venturi Effect to increase the laminar flow. The form of the structure is designed to  accept the sloped topography and vertically fit within the scale of the trees. This site was chosen  for its distance from disruptive noise and open rolling hills for the wind to freely flow. The goal  of this project is not only to design a space that is responsive to its surroundings but to serve as a  precedent for future students, designers and musicians. The responsive nature of the space will  provide a safe alternative to connect to one’s environment. The structure will give environmental  clarity to those who reach the landmark and observe the audiovisual space digitally.