The project merges a recently acquired 3D image-based reconstruction platform in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department (called OJOS) with virtual reality and rendering capabilities in the Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts. The project goals are to: (1) assemble a mobile bridge deck surveyor platform that can be used to automatically map and measure cracks on bridge decks; (2) perform automated and manual bridge deck inspections on a bridge carrying Rt. 15 over the James River in Virginia; and (3) create a 3D image-based reconstruction and mesh model of the cracked bridge deck, automatically measure crack widths, and compare these measurements to the manual survey. Traditional (in-situ) structural health monitoring methods are manual, subjective, and often place inspectors in perilous situations. This automated condition assessment technology is a less costly and safer alternative, providing a permanent 3D record that can inform infrastructure owners about future rehabilitation decisions.”