Kinesthetic Field is a full-body, kinesthetic approach to revealing electromagnetic fields. It is a concept for a public installation that allows people in separate locations to physically interact with each other through direct manipulation of dynamic sculptures. The installation consists of two or more nodes connected by a wireless electronic network. Each node, or locale, consists of both static and dynamic/moveable, physical elements. By electronically linking the motion of the moveable elements, forces are transmitted between participants, even though they are separated by geographical distance. Participants will be able to feel each other pushing back or resisting movement as if the elements were directly linked by a giant invisible force field. But the invisibility is the field – the physical force is transmitted through the very real, yet invisible, electromagnetic field connecting the sites.

This project is adjunct to a prior project called Fields Everywhere, which aims for public understanding of the scientific concept of electromagnetic fields. Fields, though invisible, are fundamental: in how they describe space, through the presence and propagation of waves everywhere; in how they serve as a foundation for other scientific phenomena; and, in how they are part of our daily lives – cell phones, radios, global positioning systems (GPS), WIFI, to name a few – and also the migration and mobility of animals and insects.