Interact Studio provides a commons for community and university partners seeking creative engagement for change. Representing a broad spectrum of practitioners, activists, thinkers, and researchers, the Interact network shares and gives rise to a growing body of community change experience, learning, and achievement. Highly interactive, distributed, and cross-connected, the network encourages learning and experimentation. Experience gained by Building Home, for example, informs the work of community groups tackling issues of racism. The experience of Whether System: A Town Hall Nation Event, derived from Building Home and from Community Voices developed by IPG, together influence a new community dialogue addressing difficult, divisive, and intractable issues. Now underway, the innovation is to listen first to the community’s voices, rather than debate or argue differences; and, to do so by creating an inviting space of engagement through process and design learned and developed by network partners in earlier projects and activities such as Building Home and Whether System, Community Voices, and Talk at the Table. Engagement and the arts, theatre, and community change meet in Interact to develop a field of social entrepreneurship innovation, creativity, and design.