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ICAT Research Fellowship

Submission Due Date

Fall 2024

Awards Announced

Fall 2024

icat-research-fellowship-cover-sheet.pdf ICAT Research Fellowship Cover Sheet


ICAT invites applications for a one semester faculty research fellowship. These funds can be used to buy out an additional semester following university approved research leave. Faculty can pursue a range of research. In addition to a semester buy out, ICAT may also provide up to $5,000 in funding to support undergraduate student research. ICAT may also provide support in the following academic year in the form of course release time. 


Tenured faculty members, or faculty members on continued appointment, with the rank of associate professor or higher, holding full-time faculty appointments and having accrued a minimum of six years of service, and are eligible to request research leave from their home departments in accordance with university faculty policies.

ICAT seeks to diversify affiliated faculty along multiple dimensions. ICAT is dedicated to InclusiveVT — serving in the spirit of community, diversity, and excellence to create a community that nutures learning and growth for all of its members.


  • Funds will be awarded for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025
  • Funds will be transferred to the recipient's home department to administer.
  • The repayment requirement and requirement for return to full time service described in the Memorandum Agreement for research assignment or study-research leave applies only to that leave, it does not include the additional semester a faculty member is bought out with ICAT funds.


ICAT is seeking projects that advance the mission of the institute and will have a lasting impact on transdiciplinary scholarship for the university.


Email a PDF copy of your submission including cover page with all necessary signatures to Melissa Wyers by 5pm on December 8, 2023.


Proposal Document (PDF submission to Melissa Wyers at

Please address each section in your proposal using Times New Roman 12 point font. Proposal should be limited to five pages, including images. Coversheet is separate.

Complete Faculty

  • Faculty Name, Email, Home Department
  • Proposed budget
    • Please indicate the dollar amount of your current AY salary that must be covered, up to one semester.
    • Please indicate if you are requesting student support.
  • Copy of application letter to the provost's office including detailed description of the proposed leave or other scholary project, location of activity, and relevance of the activiy in contributing to the faculty meber's own scholary research program.

Statement of Need / Project Description

  • Statement of innovation
  • Linkage to ICAT research areas
  • Where project work will happen and if technical resources from ICAT are needed
  • Describe in detail how you will involve undergraduate students in your research
  • Describe how this work will create an enduring change to ICAT or the larger Virginia Tech Community

Methods and Strategies

  • Describe the activities that will be conducted as partof your fellowship

Goals and Objectives

  • Describe the overall outcome your project aims to achieve
  • Describe project outputs
  • Describe plans for future funding, exhibition, etc.

Engagement with ICATand University Community

  • Describe envisioned engagement with the VT community in support of ICAT
  • Examples include but are not limited to workshops, concerts, installations

Plan for Evaluating Project Success

  • Describe how you will determine if your project has been successful
  • Describe anticipated outcomes and deliverables


  • Timeline should begin with fall academic semester 2024 or spring academic semester 2025


The proposals will be reviewed by the Institute Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, and faculty reviewers, and then evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Intellectual merit and innovation
  2. Interdiciplinary nature of the faculty's work
  3. Link to the ICAT mission
  4. Broader impact of the research
  5. Potential channels to advance the proposed research
  6. Clear outcome, deliverable, engagement plan

After the proposals are reviewed, the applicant may be asked to meet with the review committee.

Awards will be announced by January 26, 2024