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CHCI Playdate – VR Viewfinder

September 17, 2021

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Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology of artistic expression that enables live, immersive aesthetics for interactive media. However, VR-based interactive media are often consumed in a solitary set-up and cannot be shared in public (e.g., exhibition). Having a VR-headset for every bystander and synchronizing headsets can be costly and cumbersome.  In practice, a secondary screen is provided to bystanders and shows what the VR user is seeing.  However, as it is the egocentric view of the VR headset user, the bystanders cannot have a holistic view this way.  To engage the bystanders in the VR-based interactive media, we propose a technique with which the bystanders can see the VR headset user and their experience from a third-person perspective. The project VRviewfinder aims to develop a physical apparatus - a trackable tablet device - for the bystanders to see the VR environment through a tablet screen. We use the motion tracking system to create a virtual camera in VR and map the apparatus’ physical location to the location of the virtual camera. The bystanders can use the apparatus like a camera viewfinder to freely move and see the virtual world through and control their viewpoint as active spectators. We anticipate that this form of third-person view will improve the bystanders' engagement and immersiveness, and enhance their agency in their viewing experience.

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  • Sang Won Lee
  • Zach Duer
  • Myounghoon Jeon


  • September 17, 2021


  • 8:30am EDT
     Networking, Coffee, Donuts at Moss Arts Center 
  • 9am EDT
     Presentation begins in the Cube and 360 Online