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Donor Support and Corporate Partners

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Donor Support

Your support brings together experts in art, design, engineering, and science to advance research and education.

Support Research

Your donations help fund grants for Virginia Tech faculty members who are solving problems by working together across disciplines. Donations also support creative projects, feasibility studies, and research led by Virginia Tech graduate and undergraduate students .

Support Education

Help us create educational innovations and opportunities for students of all ages. Your donation helps fund SEAD grants that provide Virginia Tech students with resources to explore new ideas and opportunities to work on innovative projects alongside faculty from across the university.

You can also help the Center for Networks and Impacts’ liaison program build critical connections in schools and build learning opportunities across the state for K-12 students and teachers, blending science, engineering, arts, and design concepts into their curriculums.

To support ICAT, on the giving page, for area select “Research Institutes” and then for fund select “Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT Annual Fund.

For inquiries about giving, please contact Rachael Carberry.

Corporate Collaboration

Through ICAT, your company has unparalleled access to work side-by-side with teams of university experts to explore new ideas and solutions. ICAT helps companies of all sizes explore ideas in low-risk, low-cost ways, customizing services to meet specific budgets, timelines and desired outcomes.

From an ideation session to a full research session, partnerships start at $5,000 and project timelines are customizable— everything from three-month to full-year commitments—and beyond.

Download our information sheet to learn more about Corporate Collaboration, or if you’d like to explore the opportunities to partner with ICAT, contact Holly Williams.