Using Android devices and Pure-Data to make interactive music

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Location & Time: 

Innovation Space Torgersen 1120 (3:00-5:30pm)

An ICAT IMPACT studio‐sponsored hackathon featuring Chris McCormick, the author of the DroidParty free open source software based on Pure‐Data that is also fully compatible with Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra’s Pd‐L2Ork free open‐source visual multimedia programming environment. DroidParty is designed to convert Android devices into programmable surfaces for audio improvisation and performance. The workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to DroidParty
  • Introduction to Pure‐Data and Pd‐L2Ork
  • Installing and programming your own Android‐based instrument
  • Jamming using Android devices

The event is free and open to everyone. The seating is limited to 25 and will be issued on first‐come basis. To reserve a seat email Dr. Ivica Ico Bukvic at Please bring your own laptop and an Android device. For additional info visit