Maker Conference (by invitation only)

Friday, May 2, 2014
Location & Time: 

Moss Arts Center-Multiple Locations (see in description) (10:00am-2:00pm)

Virginia Governor’s School Maker Conference is an opportunity for Virginia Governor’s School students to share skills and interest in making. What is a maker? You are. A maker is a person who builds, tinkers, makes, and crafts. While making often includes elements of technology, it also includes elements of the arts. Creativity, showmanship, functionality, and aesthetics are all valued skills of a maker.  This conference is a chance for you to show and share your skills with peers from other schools around the state.

Part of making is understanding the process required to create a product, which is as important as the product itself. As a maker at the conference, you will share what you make and how you make it. Use your time today to meet people with an interest in making and different skills.

10:00am: Opening and keynote, Sam Blanchard, MFA, assistant professor, School of Visual Arts
10:45am: Exhibits in the Cube
12:00 noon: Lunch in the Merryman Family Learning Studio
12:30pm: Moss Arts Center tours
1:00pm: Student and Facility Presentations
1:45pm: Closing, Ben Knapp, PhD, director, Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology
2:00pm: Dismissal

Sam Blanchard is currently assistant professor of studio art in the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art in 2002 from Ohio University and Master of Fine Art in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. Sam utilizes technology-based fabrication methods to interweave everyday materials and objects to become extended metaphors of experience. He has an active international exhibition schedule, with upcoming solo exhibitions of his artwork at such venues as the Las Vegas Contemporary Art Center, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, and The New Galley (Calgary, ON).


8-bit CPU
Keegan Herschel, Adam Agostini, Lisa Chhour, Andrew Sorensen
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Aerial Assist Robot       
Adam Baillie, Sabrina Mazer
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Aerial Assist Robot       
Alexis Adams, Caleb Dillard, Joseph Osenkowsky, Jose Sanchez    
Piedmont Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science, & Technology
Building a Protein Computer        
Virginia Williams
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
Design of a Low Cost Unmanned Aerial System to Aid in Precision Agriculture    
Justin Rivera, Jason Zhang, Alex Meyer, Ryan Ramseyer
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Diatom Husbandry         
Marta Paulson  
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
Electricity-Generating Shoe        
Sourav Panth   
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Electromagnetic Elevator
Aydan Mortensen, Seun Ladipo   
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Enzymology for a Cleaner Home  
Ramona Parks  
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
Growing Selenium-Rich Grass for Sheep   
Caroline Sutphin
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
How to Build a Gel Electrophoresis Machine    
Kayla Ogden    
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
How to Make Natural Cleaners with Enzymes    
Molly Futrell    
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
Hydroponic Home Water Filter    
Julia Hager    
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School
Projects from a First-Time Knitter    
Ashley Heuser    
Mountain Vista Governor’s School
Replicating the Optical Properties of Lycurgus Cup    
Aradhana Adhikari, Upa Adhikari, Ruby Adhikari    
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Silica-Based Hydrophobic Aerogel Oil Absorption    
Caroline Gellene, Ashleigh Wright    
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Cameron White, Tim McGraw    
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Sound Wave Recycling    
Zhouran Li    
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Super Scraper - Cleaning Robot    
Suyash Bhattarai, Ruby Adhikari, Upa Adhikari    
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Upcycling: Trash to Treasure    
Hana Pross, Marissa Windsor, Maggie Clinard, Shannon McAvoy, Caroline Twigg, Caroline Sutton    
Mountain Vista Governor’s School for Math, Science, and Technology


Lift and Drag of Airfoils
Matt Green, Matt Asper    
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park
Slam Poetry: Passion and Modern Literature    
Joseph French    
Mountain Vista Governor’s School for Math, Science, and Technology
ICAT Technology Tour    
Tanner Upthegrove, Deba Saha    
Virginia Tech
SeeMore Parallel Computing Sculpture    
Sam Blanchard, Bushra Chowdhury    
Virginia Tech


Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) Staff
Benjamin Knapp, director
Liesl Baum, research assistant professor
Phyllis Newbill, studio associate
Adam Soccolich, operations coordinator
Chad Dalton, administrative assistant
Tanner Upthegrove, media engineer

Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech Staff
Ruth Waalkes, executive director, associate provost for the arts
Sara Bailey, program manager
Jon Catherwood-Ginn, partnerships and engagement manager
Margo Crutchfield, curator at large
Joyce Smith, administrative assistant

Lois Badey, senior director of development
Jessica Clough, assistant director of development

Finance and Administration
Liz Scharman, director of administration
Kevin Ayoub, facilities manager
Steve Cox, IT specialist
Kelly Stanley, administrative services manager

Marketing and Communications
Heather Ducote, director of marketing and communications
Susan Bland, communications manager
Jonathan Boulter, associate director of patron services
Shana Buzzard, communications assistant
Avery Eliades, digital content specialist
Katy Baker Johnston, house manager
Kacy McAllister, box office manager
Brian Yohn, creative services manager

David Ehrlich, outreach fellow for the fine arts

Production Services
Doug Witney, director of production services
Gustavo Araoz, lighting supervisor
Robert Gainer, audio supervisor
Ryan Hasler, stage and rigging supervisor
Laine Goerner, production coordinator

Thanks to Virginia Tech faculty Sam Blanchard, assistant professor, School of Visual Arts; and Tom Martin, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Thanks to graduate students Deba Saha, Bushra Chowdhury, Evelien Schilder, Jamie Simmons, Kari Zacharias, Manpreet Kaur Hora, and Laura Segedin. Thanks to undergraduate student volunteers Fonte Clanton, Xuanyu Duan, Weicheng Wu, Muzi Ti, Chang Sun, Pia Banerjee, Randal Thomas, Shuchen Yue, Michael Levy, Yu Dong, and James Bui.

Thanks to faculty and staff of participating schools, particularly Rebecca Phillips, Krista Stith, Brian Pace, Karen Dalfrey, Rosanne Williamson, and DeAnne Wilmore.

Participating schools
Governor’s School @ Innovation Park, Manassas, VA
Mountain Vista Governor’s School, Warrenton, VA
Piedmont Governor’s School, Martinsville, VA
Southwest Virginia Governor’s School, Pulaski, VA