Integrating Data for Emotional Assessment: Applications for Interpersonal Deception and Food Interaction Decisions

The connection of sub-conscious emotions occurring “in the moment” to conscious decisions is not understood. Our project is studying unconscious (uncontrolled) activities in the brain, the face, and the body at the moment when a person is confronted with an emotional situation. In this study, emotions are measured as people respond to videos illustrating food contamination (spoilage, safety, hygiene) and interpersonal interactions (deception). Unconscious responses are compared to conscious choices or behaviors made by the individual. This project will help establish measurement methods and statistical analyses that characterize the role of emotions on food choice and behaviors and on deception in interpersonal relationships.

Name Department College
Susan Duncan Food Science and Technology College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Martha Ann Bell Psychology College of Science
Steve Sheetz Accounting and Information Systems Pamplin College of Business
Daniel Gallagher Civil & Environmental Engineering College of Engineering
Alexandra Walsh Food Science and Technology College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Leslie Patton Psychology College of Science
Benjamin Knapp Computer Science College of Engineering
Brennon Bortz Computer Science College of Engineering
Collaborative Colleges: 
Agriculture & Life Sciences
Pamplin College of Business