Integrating the Arts into a STEM-based Educator Scientist Partnership

This project at Blacksburg High School is designed to engage students in the “Art of Science” through several activities at the BHS STEM lab with Virginia Tech science and arts faculty. Hans Gindlesberger has lead photography workshops and helped BHS students image various biological samples and produce short films. Other activities include “in school” field trips for chemistry and biology students to learn about phosphates in the environment, and how specialization of plant cells. Two BHS students used materials and scientist partners to engage in independent research projects. Throughout the work, attention is given to acquisition of data to expand student understanding of molecular processes such as gene expression, differentiation, and function.

Name Department College
Hans Gindlesbeger School of Visual Arts College of Architecture and Urban Studies
David Lally Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Glenda Gillaspy Biochemistry College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Michael Collver    
Michael Kaylor    
Pam McGraw    
Collaborative Colleges: 
Agriculture & Life Sciences
Architecture & Urban Studies