Tech or Treat

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Location & Time: 

Moss Arts Center - The Cube (5-8pm)

Tech or Treat 2015 is on October 29th, 2015!

Tech or Treat 2014

This hauntingly memorable event for kids of all ages, features yellow brick road-themed technologies in a family-friendly environment. Virginia Tech students and faculty from a variety of disciplines across campus collaborate to bring this event together. See the fun at the intersection of science, engineering, art, and design. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Costumes are encouraged.

Presented by Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech

Features will include:

Over the Rainbow

The use of weather radar data and sophisticated renderings is on the increase on television, the internet and on smart phone devices.  We are taking those data and developing a 3D capability in the cube at Virginia Tech to allow people to walk around and inside of storm events such as tornados.

Dave Carroll, Drew Ellis, Peter Sforza, Run Yu, Bill Carstensen, Kenyon Gladu, Trevor White, Dane Webster, Reza Tasooji, Matthew Vaughan

Luminescent Forest

"Luminescent Forest" senses movement around it and lights up more intensely with the proximity of visitors.

Tom Martin and Paola Zellner, Adam Burke, Matt Young, Kelsey Margulies, Brian Heller, Michael Bednar, John Seminatore


See a humanoid robot play soccer.

John Seminatore

Human at Heart

A cyborg learns human ways and how to play soccer.

Jason Forsyth, Blake Sawyer

Flying Sharks: A wonder creature in the World of Oz

Are we under water? Are we in the ocean? No, we are in the wonder-filled World of Oz. Everything here is magical, even the sharks -- they fly in the air! Come see it at ICAT’s Tech-or-Treat, to believe it.

Deba Saha

Scary Faces

An interactive exhibit where users can manipulate scary face animations using 3D projection mapping.

Thomas Tucker, Emilia Munoz, Maureen E. Suess, Erica L. Kowalski, Tamar Petersen, Nola A. Tamblyn,  Daniel R. Monzel, Mark P. Mainardi, John S. Hill, Alex J. Froelich, Lucas J. Freeman, Justin T. Bengtson, Carson J. Bendel


Just as the Bat-Signal is a tool for summoning the aid of Batman, the ICAT-Signal is the signal for creative people to gather at Tech or Treat. Three motors pull on the wires going up to the pumpkin and they work like the muscles in your own neck. 

Spencer Lee and Karl Bitikofer

Create a Character!

Come and learn how to be the best ghost, rock star, mouse, skater or ______ you can be this Halloween!  Win prizes for staying in character throughout Tech or Treat!

Naphtali Fields, Kristin Rose Kelley

The OzVendor: 3D Printing Your Key to Oz

Come see the power of the OzVendor!  This wonderful device harnesses the power of 3D printing to create keys to the land of Oz layer-by-layer.  Then use your printed key to open one of the Wizard's magical chests and see the brilliance of his many gifts."  If you need something more technical than this, you could use: "The OzVendor uses 3D printing technology to create printed parts layer-by-layer.  Plastic material is heated and extruded onto a platform to create keys to Oz.  The keys then interact with sensors inside of printed chests, to reveal translucent parts that were printed from a liquid resin and lit with LED lights.

Nick Meisel, Deba Saha, Callie Zawaski

Mirror Worlds: Adventures in Real and Virtual Spaces

As you move around, you'll see a shape matching your movements in a virtual world on the projected screen. For our research, we look at how people interact in places you can see and touch as well as ones you can access through computers.

Faculty: Doug Bowman, Ico Bukvic, Yong Cao, Aaron Hunnewell, James Ivory, Ben Knapp, Nicholas Polys, Thomas Tucker, Dane Webster
Students: Matt Bock, Ed Coe, Philip Daniel, Abby Garrett, Christina Lidwin, Taylor Mattison, Khai Ngo, Okmin Pyon, Kaushik Rangarajan, Kara Vaillancourt

The Team Behind the Curtain

Despite its magical appearance, our wizards' work didn't just happen with a click of the heels. This project documents the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs behind Tech or Treat projects.

Kari Zacharias

Flying Monkey Augmented Reality

See how augmented reality can be used to see and maneuver virtual objects in space. 

Reza Tasooji


The L2Ork laptop orchestra will provide music for the evening.  For more information about the laptop orchestra, see

Ico Bukvic and company

 [YOU] The great and powerful pumpkin Become the great and powerful pumpkin!

Use your voice to bring the pumpkin to life and scare or delight people that walk by!  A Design for America student project.

Habeeb Muhammad, Michelle Pannone,
Savannah Mills, Kirby Emerson, Sydney Alfonso,
Jasmine Orange, Genesis Solano 


IT'S A TWISTER! Our project is a model of a tornado, decorated in part by the children. Consider what it would have been like to be in Dorothy's shoes.  A Design for America student project. Callie Gramling-Gobes, Erin Mattimiro,
Alyssa Bushhouse, Anna Schierlmann,
Katherine Johnston, Andy Cho,
Sasha Spriggs, Karl Bitikofer
, Sergio Nunez

 The Whale and the Cat Play a computer game with in-air hand gestures! In this game, the movement of the whale and the behavior of its spout are controlled by your hand in the air. Move the whale while using the force of the water stream to fly the cat. Try to get more points by eating food and avoiding the monsters! Run Yu
Rhythm and Boo Band Join a rhythm and boo band by playing the pumpkins drums, skull chimes, and slime keyboard.  Also, test your dexterity and operate on an interactive Frankenstein. Jeremy Ernst, Barry Potter, Serena Li,
Sharon Bowers 

Fortune teller souvenirs Fold your fortune teller passport.  Then be sure to get each section stamped with a 3D printed rubber stamp. Phyllis Newbill, Tom Martin, Zach Bush,
Spencer Lee

Technical and administrative support   Phyllis Newbill, Ben Knapp,
Liesl Baum, Ico Bukvic, Eric Lyon, Doug Witney,
Tanner Upthegrove, Zach Bush, Sergio Núñez
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