Community Playdate: 2014 Tech-or-Treat

Friday, March 7, 2014
Location & Time: 

Moss Arts Center - The Sandbox (8:30-9:30am)

Our 2013 Tech-or-Treat event was VERY successful, and it was all due to the hard work and creativity of our faculty and students. It took over 6 months of designing, building, and testing to put on the 3 hour event, which can be seen set up in this 2 minute time-lapse video.

With this in mind, our first official planning discussion for our 2014 Tech-or-Treat will be on Friday, March 7th, from 8:30-9:30am in the Sandbox. The purpose is to start the brainstorming process with our faculty/students, and welcome collaboration/input from the community as well. Hence, this will not replace the Friday morning community meeting, but rather serve as the topic of discussion.


"Community Playdates" are open discussions of topics and ideas from ICAT, Virginia Tech, and the community. We welcome any interested students, faculty, and community members to join these discussions, and enjoy coffee/pastries from the Next Door Bake Shop!