Introduction to the Cube and Immersive Virtual Environments

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Location & Time: 

The Cube, Moss Arts Center

In partnership with NLI, ICAT is offering a series of workshops for Virginia Tech faculty and staff to learn about the possibilities in the Cube in the Moss Arts Center.

This course introduces faculty to the resources available in the Moss Arts Center Cube. The motion capture, spatial audio, virtual reality, and surround projection systems are available to faculty from around the university, and the staff at the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology are ready to assist with the technical development of interdisciplinary faculty projects for this space. No experience or technical background is necessary. You bring the specialist knowledge of your field, and we bring the expertise to make it an immersive virtual experience. Attendees will become familiar with the systems available in the Cube and gain a general understanding of how they work and how they can interface together.

You must enroll in the workshop through NLI to attend. Visit to confirm space and enrollment.