Human Centered Design - ICAT Community Playdate

Friday, February 12, 2016
Location & Time: 

ICAT Learning Studio (253A) in the Moss Arts Center
Time: 8:30-9:30

Human Centered Design

Speakers: Steve Harrison

Human-Centered Design (“HCD”) is a widely-used term that is applied to a variety of design approaches and settings where design is guided by human experience and values, and the methods involve direct interaction with users. Our interdisciplinary program provides an opportunity for students to discover how “design thinking” can be brought to bear in diverse areas. At the Playdate, we will talk about how our HCD program is used as a vehicle for interdisciplinary creative investigation in support of research at ICAT. The program is part of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (“IGEP”) of the Graduate School offering a Certificate in Human- Centered Design, a track in the independent Doctoral program (“iPhD”) and a series of HCD–community events. Our program, now in its third year, has gone through a number of changes and significant accomplishments in its short existence. We are pleased that the first two – and so far only – independent PhD programs approved have been HCDs.