Community Meeting - "Origins of Innovation" by Matthew Wisnioski

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 8:30am

About the meeting:

Origins of Innovation: Experiments in Seriously Interdisciplinary Graduate Education

What kind of learning happens when you bring together design engineers, anthropologists, computer scientists, K-12 teachers, electrical engineers, policy analysts who write science fiction, and lawyer-musicians turned critical humanists? Together, in STS 6614: The Origins of Innovation, we are finding out. We're exploring the boundaries, methods, hype, and deeper meanings of "innovation" to understand what exactly innovation is and how innovative careers are made. Come hear and see our experiences from the early stages of this ICAT sponsored course. If you think you are doing innovative work, you may just become subjects of our collaborative research teams. 

We welcome any interested students/faculty/community members to join this talk, and enjoy coffee/pastries from the Next Door Bake Shop!