Photos and video: Winter session students tap into the virtual world in the Cube

Ever wonder what a winter session course looks like at Virginia Tech? Take a peek into the virtual world that students immersed in for two weeks during the 2018 winter session.

For the second year, the Cube located in the Moss Arts Center, has been center stage for the University Honors Immersive Virtual Environment for Art, Data, and Research course.

Music of the Spheres; Big Data Meets Big Sound

Most of us learn by using our eyes. Whether it’s reading or poring over formulas, graphs and charts, it’s a mostly visual experience. Now, professors at Virginia Tech are exploring a new way to add another dimension to teaching and learning by transforming data into sound.

Ivica Ico Bukvic teaches composition and multimedia. “With our eyes, we only see what’s ahead of us. With our ears, we hear what is all around us.”

ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day Proposals

The theme of the 2018 ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day is Trace, as in (1) to find or discover by investigation, (2) to take a particular path or route, (3) an indication of the existence of something, palimpsest, (4) a small road. Documentation and discovery at the nexus of science, engineering, arts, and design will be on display at the Moss Arts Center. Join faculty, students, and community members who are crossing traditional boundaries to develop new possibilities for exploration, expression, and creativity.

Cube Fest 2018 > Call for Proposals

Cube Fest 2018 is a festival featuring one of the largest multichannel audio systems on the planet, the Cube. We invite composers, musicians, and sound artists to submit works for large numbers of loudspeakers, for presentation at CUBE Fest 2018. Installations, fixed media works, and performances are all welcome. Selected works will be presented in either the Cube, or the Perform studio, which houses a 24.4 speaker Genelec system.