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Be the Data: Embodied Interaction in Bayesian Visual Analytics

Be the Data promotes creative interactive data explora- tion through the novel combination of the physical and virtual worlds. The fundamental assertion is that data exploration, and the necessary understanding of the complex analytical methods behind data exploration, is stymied by its traditional strict limitation to the virtual world. Thus, we combined the physical and virtual to enable students to “be the data”. This means that a system was designed in which students can enter a physical space and embody virtual data points. Students can then physically move about the space to explore relationships among their data points. Their movement in the space is tracked so as to apply these physical interactions to the virtual mathematical models. In turn, students take an egocentric perspective on the data, interacting with each other in collaborative groups to explore interactions among data points.

Troy Abel (College of Architecture and Urban Studies)
Liesl Baum (Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology)
Leanna House, Scotland Leman (College of Science)
Chris North (College of Engineering)

Collaborative Colleges:
Architecture & Urban Studies

Interactive Data