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Badstar: Immersive Music Performance and Video Projection Mapping

Project Summary

Starting June 9, 2017, composer and violinist Charles Nichols, video artist and programmer Zach Duer, architect Jon Rugh, and guitarist and composer André Foisy met on Virginia Tech campus, with banjoist and composer Holland Hopson joining telematically from the University of Alabama. Initial planning took place in Nichols’ office in Squires Student Center, with subsequent meetings about the design of the projection mapping architecture and music and video composition held in the School of Architecture conference room in Cowgill Hall, and musical rehearsals held in the Perform Studio of the Moss Arts Center, during the Fall 2017 semester. During the Spring 2018 semester, after Foisy moved to Albany, regular music rehearsals were held telematically in Nichols’ office, with Foisy streaming audio and video from New York and Hopson streaming from Alabama. At the same time, Duer and Rugh met regularly to further develop the projection mapping architecture, with Nichols joining periodically. The results of these meetings, recordings of the music performed by processed electric violin, electric banjo, and electric guitar interacting with processed video mapped to a scale model of the architecture comprised of cut paper stalactites hung on wires, were presented at ICAT Day in the Moss Arts Center, April 30, 2018. After this presentation, Rugh, Duer, and Nichols finalized the layout of the architecture, and Rugh and Duer decided on the final materials. Music rehearsals will continue throughout the summer, when the three musicians will further develop the three 20-minute compositions, with Duer listening, to further inspire the video art. At the same time, Rugh and his students will construct the full-size architecture. The architecture will be installed and video projection tested in the Cube, July 23 through August 1.

Project Outcomes

The performance of the final immersive audio and video event titled Badstar, with live performance on electric violin, electric banjo, and electric guitar, presented in the 134.2 channel spatial audio system and interacting with three videos projected to custom architecture, is scheduled for three shows, October 11, 12, and 13, 2018, with setup and on-site rehearsals starting October 8, in the Cube.

Submissions for publication:

After the performances, papers about the project will be submitted for publication in conference and festival proceedings.


After the performances are audio and video recorded, a portable version of Badstar will be submitted for performance at conferences and festivals.


After the performances are audio and video recorded, a video installation of the piece will be submitted for exhibition at conferences and festivals.

Student Involvement:

Architecture students have been involved in development of the virtual and physical models of the projection mapping architecture and will continue to be involved in its construction.

Educational components (K-12):

There was no educational component to the project.

Supplemental resources used to complete the project:

ICAT is sponsoring the production of Badstar in the Cube.

Media coverage:

The media will be contacted, before the performances.

Anticipated external funding which may result from this project:

No external funding is anticipated.

Charles Nichols, School of Performing Arts
Zach Duer, School of Visual Arts
Jon Rugh, Architecture
André Foisy, Assessment and Evaluation
Holland Hopson, University of Alabama

Collaborative Colleges:

Performing Arts
Visual Arts