ICAT’s Tanner Upthegrove receives President’s Award

>April 1, 2016

ICAT's Tanner Upthegrove receives President's Award

ICAT's Tanner Upthegrove receives President's AwardICAT's Tanner Upthegrove receives President's Award

On behalf of the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT), the entire staff wishes to extend a warm message of congratulations to Tanner Upthegrove on receiving the President’s Award for Excellence on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. Established in 1990, it remains the highest staff-awarded honor available at Virginia Tech. The award recognizes University staff across all colleges and departments for their outstanding contributions and consistently high level of performance within their positions.

Upthegrove was nominated and acknowledged for his exceptional work in and around the institute assisting with large-scale multimedia productions for the public as well as the day-to-day management of the ICAT studios and facilities. In addition to these contributions, Upthegrove was also recognized for his outstanding work with the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of the Cube. Upthegrove played an instrumental role in the invention and eventual installment of the unique black-box performance theater and immersive stimulation environment. With an innovative and creative mindset, Upthegrove has designed and instituted a number of technical capabilities to guarantee the user-friendly nature of the Cube so that it may be accessible to a wide variety of groups from across the university.

In addition to his many professional accomplishments, Upthegrove was also nominated for this award in part for his selfless nature and continuous drive to improve and promote the work of ICAT and Virginia Tech. He is known by many as an employee who constantly goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the institute, his fellow coworkers, and the university through the support of research and helping to bring bright, new ideas to life in the fields of art and technology. For these reasons, we are immensely proud to congratulate Tanner Upthegrove on his accomplishment of becoming a 2016 recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence.