TEDx Virginia Tech Talk


The Collegiate Times quoted, "TEDxVirginia Tech was held in the Holtzman Alumni Center Nov. 10, and featured 21 Tech students, faculty and alumni who each gave their own talk on the theme of “knowing.”

The speeches took place in a small room, packed with only 135 people. The lack of physical distance between the speaker and the audience contributed to a feeling of intimacy, enhancing the emotional honesty of each speech. The event was recorded and live-streamed to nearly a dozen locations around campus...Another speaker, Ben Knapp, the director of the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology, spoke about the relationship between technology, music and emotion. Typically, the process of creating music starts with an emotion translated into sound through a physical gesture. Knapp hopes to remove the physicality from that process.

By using technology that reads biometrics like heart rate, sweat and breathing rate, Knapp invented a system that creates music from his emotional state. According to Knapp, further development of this technology could turn anyone with a strong grasp of their emotions into a musical virtuoso. It could also lead to a Pandora station that decides your next song based on your emotions, rather than a preset radio.

Virginia Tech seemed a natural place for a local TED Talk, according to alumnus Alex Obenauer, who helped work the event.

"We were interested just from having a big passion for TED in general," Obenauer said. "The 'ideas worth spreading' motto falls so in line with 'invent the future' in such a great way that we wanted to see that collaboration happen.""

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Monday, November 12, 2012