"Lantern Field" project featured in Architectual Lighting

"The Virginia Tech team wanted to create a highly interactive and multisensory experience. To that end, they positioned a combination of linear, color-changing LED fixtures and ultrasonic sensors along the loggia’s east wall, and a series of white LED spotlights at the base of the loggia arches. As the sensors detected visitors in the space, the luminaires and speakers would activate, projecting reflected light onto the paper lanterns above. The more people who were present, the deeper and richer the color, hue, and tone that they experienced. Once the installation was complete, it pulsed with a spectrum of sound and color—from cool white to deep magenta, encouraging guests to explore the space and activate the light and sound around them." - Architectural Lighting

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Picture Credits: 
Jeff Goldberg/ESTO
Thursday, August 1, 2013