ICAT Day 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015
Location & Time: 

The Cube, Moss Arts Center - 12pm-9pm
Free, tickets required
Tickets may be picked up 
at the event on ICAT Day.  Contact Phyllis Newbill (pnewbill@vt.edu) for more information. 

Mind = Blown

ICAT Day is a celebration of the work of Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology. These interactive exhibits, workshops, panel discussions, tours, demonstrations, and performances at the Moss Arts Center show how ICAT is forging a pathway between transdisciplinary research and artistic output, scientific and commercial discovery, and educational innovation. The ICAT community will share engaging experiences from virtual worlds to luminescent forests to roving laptop orchestras. Have your mind blown at this invigorating SEAD (science, engineering, art, and design) event.

Noon–6 PM
Grand Lobby
Research Demonstrations
Noon–3 PM
Free, tickets required
Open (at the) Source Exhibition
Noon–7:30 PM
Ruth C. Horton Gallery


Noon          “What is ICAT?” talk and discussion, Balcony Lobby
1 PM          “Who/What/Why is ICAT?” panel discussion, Balcony Lobby
2 PM          “Dialogues on Innovation,” panel discussion, Balcony Lobby
3 PM          “Social Computing Meets Creative Computing,” presentations, Balcony Lobby
4 PM          “Thinking Through Technology with Performance Techniques,” movement workshop, Mezzanine Lobby
5 PM          “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from the Harmonious Melodious Jellyfish: An Open Conversation on Arts Engagement through the Center for the Arts and ICAT,” workshop, Balcony Lobby
6 PM          “My Take Talk,” talk and discussion, Ruth C. Horton Gallery
6:30 PM    “Composition Student Concert,” Grand Lobby
7:30 PM    “Spring Digital Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio Event,” musical performance, Cube

Cube Schedule
12:00    Exploring Time and Place Through the Meuse-Argonne Battlefield
12:15    Exploring Time and Place Through the Meuse-Argonne Battlefield
12:30    Virtual Reality Tour of the Cube
12:45    Matrix Redux
1:00       Matrix Redux
1:15       Virtual Reality Tour of the Cube
1:30       Tornado
1:45       Tornado
2:00       Be the Data
2:15       Be the Data
2:30       Lane Stadium Evacuation Simulation
2:45       Lane Stadium Evacuation Simulation