Monday, May 5, 2014
Location & Time: 

Moss Arts Center (multiple locations)

Learn more about the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology’s research and meet the faculty and students who are crossing traditional discipline boundaries to develop new possibilities for exploration, expression, and creativity during ICAT Day on Monday, May 5th. The collection of events, which are free and open to the public, showcases the work and ideas that have been generated from the institute’s faculty and students during the spring semester. The event, which will include expo-style informational booths, technology demonstrations, and hands-on activities, will be held in the Moss Arts Center, located at 190 Alumni Mall. Activities will be offered from noon until 6 p.m., unless otherwise noted. The full event schedule of events will be announced shortly.

Time Title Description Location
12-2pm 4 Screen Expo   Cube
12-2pm Macronaut Macronaut is a simple magnifying lens with a greater purpose. It serves as a tool to promote engagement in biological phenomena across disciplines. Main Lobby
12-2pm Social Impacts of Social Media vs Traditional Internet Project examines whether social media tools compared to  traditional internet represents a break through in broadening community involvement. Merryman Studio, Room 253
12-4pm TEDxVirginiaTech The 2014 theme for TEDxVirginiaTech is Illuminate. Come find out more about the event and how you can be a part of the excitement! Main Lobby
12-4pm Player Behavior in Popular Online Games Results from a large-scale systematic content analysis of objectionable and offensive behavior among players in a popular online first-person shooter game. Merryman Studio, Room 253
12-4pm Stereotyping in Online Games Results from a field experiment conducted in a popular online game (part of a series of studies of online game behaviors) wherein a player's apparent gender, race, voice "chat" utterances, and skill level were manipulated across a large number of online matches, with online players' responses to subsequent game "fried" requests recorded as an outcome measure to examine sex and race-based stereotyping in online games. Merryman Studio, Room 253
12-7pm Colistening Colistening is listening to something together with someone else. We will demo an app that allows 2 people to listen to music together. Editing Room
12-7pm Connected Vehicle Students will host a demo version of their connected vehicle derby- a cardboard car (designed for children) with sensors that monitor speed, collision, and swerving. Grand Staircase
12-7pm Distracted Driving An ICAT student development team developed an app to simulate the effects of driving and texting. We will have this app available for demo and play. Grand Staircase
12-7pm 3D Flexible Structures The DREAMS Lab together with Negar Kalantar and Alireza Borhani have collaborated on researching Flexible Textile Structures with 3D Printed fabrics. Main Lobby
12-7pm 3D Printing VT’s DREAMS Lab will demonstrate one of its 3-D printers with a display of printed objects and flexible textile structures. Main Lobby
12-7pm Lenses of Innovation Lenses of Innovation @ VT presents an interactive display created by an interdisciplinary team who tried to understand innovation, its origin and values. Main Lobby
12-7pm Design for America Design For America (partner with ICAT) uses design to encourage alternate forms of transportation and helps with recycling at tailgate parties on campus. Main Lobby
12-7pm Phyiscal Computing The Physical Computing class provides a hands-on introduction to physical computing, where computing mediates a person’s interactions with the environment. Sandbox
12-7pm Reflection Light reflection from multiple laser cut mirrors. Sandbox
12-7pm Laser Engraving Student projects from Graduate and Undergraduate students enrolled in the Laser Cutting and Engraving class will give present their work. Sandbox Hallway
12-9pm Dynamic Façade The Flower Wall is a dynamic facade that optimizes interior environments by adapting to changing outdoor environments; it was inspired by the natural beauty of phototropic response from flowers. Main Lobby
1:30-5:30pm CI Spy A mobile augmented reality application teaching historical inquiry methods. Merryman Studio, Room 253
2-4pm Studio STEM Studio STEM is an out-of-school learning program designed to engage middle school youth in science, technology, engineering, & math. Main Lobby
2-4pm Games Project The project intends to build rigorous, evidence-based learning games for the iPad that encourage middle school youth to explore and understand pre-algebraic concepts. Main Lobby
2-6pm Way Jittery Stuff Student projects made in Max/MSP/Jitter concentrating on the visual capabilities of Max and on using interactive input from motion detection devices. Main Lobby
2-6pm Creative Computing Studio Students in the CS capstone, Creative Computing Studio, explore expressive uses of computing by trying and reflecting on different problem-solving skills, values, and critiquing. We are showing four projects in the EXPERIENCE Studio, PERFORM Studio, and the Sandbox. Experience & Perform
2-6pm Fractalizer Fractalizer explains fractal math by visualizing music with animated interactive fractal imagery. ICAT Lobby
2-6pm MIPS Animator This project is an animated MIPS assembler pipeline showing how low-level computer instructions work. Visitors TWEET assembly-language instructions which cause execution to move through the schematic representation. Experience & Perform
2-6pm DogVision See the world though the eyes of a dog: an ordinary walk in the park can become extraordinary with a simple shift in perspective. Develop a new appreciation for the mundane as you see it in an entirely new light. Experience & Perform
2-6pm Life and Death Witness the quintessential conflict of humans versus nature in a way you’ve never seen before. Inspired by the harsh reality of our world, and brought about by our ability to change it. Sandbox
2:30-5:30pm Bare-hand Volume Cracker A gestural interface for analyzing volume datasets. Merryman Studio, Room 253
3-5pm Gendered Arrangements: India An interactive approach to social, cultural issues. The exhibit will be a slide show of information graphics and short animations that  simplify complex cultural issues. Main Lobby
3-5pm Participation on the Virtual Town Square The project involves the redesign & implementation of a new layout for Virtual Town Square that organizes the content around social ties of the users in the site while encouraging civic participation, showing how users can be engaged in their community. Merryman Studio, Room 253
3-6pm Video Game Festival Twelve gaming consoles will be available for anyone interested in playing video games created by an interdisciplinary team of art and computer science students. Learning Studio/2nd Floor
4-5pm Visualization of Social Network Graphs The project tries to visually analyze large social network graphs. A novel GPU based multi-level graph layout algorithm is applied, enabling users to interact in real time with the layout results for sense-making a graph scaling to million nodes. Torgersen 3160 (DAC)
4-6pm StarSPIRE Multi-Scale Semantic Interaction for Big Data Text Analysis Torgersen 3160 (DAC)
4-6pm Bixplorer Bixplorer is about interacting with biclusters for document analysis. Torgersen 3160 (DAC)
4-6pm Andromeda An interactive tool used for the analysis of high-dimensional data through statistical models. Torgersen 3160 (DAC)
4-6pm Four Four Beats The project focuses on the restoration, preservation and digitization of original hip hop-based cultural artifacts for K-12 and post-secondary educational purposes. Observation Room
4-6pm Visionarium Experience the immersive VisCube and other visualization instruments enabling a broad range of applications for discovery and decision making. Torg 3050
4:15-7pm Bare-hand navigation techniques Interaction techniques for navigating 3D environments with hand gestures Merryman Studio, Room 253
5-7pm HCI Capstone: Random Rules
Infer game rules by strategizing like a computer scientist.
Sandbox (2nd Floor)
5-7pm HCI Capstone: Shop Master
Organize your grocery shopping like a computer scientist.
Sandbox (2nd Floor)
5-7pm HCI Capstone: Narrative Logic Find the logic in a who-done-it story. Sandbox (2nd Floor)
7:30-9pm DISIS Event An evening of multisensory performances and experiences will feature Kandinsky Trio; guest artist Chris McCormick, Ivica Ico Bukvic, Lee Heuermann, Eric Lyon, and Charles Nichols; Virginia Tech's Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork); and students. Cube
  NuSpark It's a space for creating, collaborating & working to build big ideas into new ventures with the goal of creating 10 start-ups & generating $10 million in cash flow within 2 years. Main Lobby