DISIS Electroacoustic Music Concert

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Location & Time: 

Moss Arts Center - The Cube (7:30pm)

A concert of electroacoustic music by composers at Virginia Tech, featuring performances by trombonist Jay Crone. The program includes a variety of live electronic processing, digital sound transformations, and live-generated video.

Concert Program

  • Quintophony for bass trombone and 4 channels of analog electronic sound -- James Sochinski
  • Phoenix for tape music -- Kent Holliday
  • Derelicts of Time for trombone, computer-generated sound and image -- Ico Ivica Bukvic
  • Clang Farmin for Musique concrète -- James Sochinski
  • Confessions of a Virtue Addict for trombone and computergenerated sound -- Eric Lyon
  • Sound of Rivers: Stone Drum for sonified data, computerprocessed sound, and recorded electric violin, accompanying video, dance, and narration -- Charles Nichols

Free and open to the public.