Community Playdate: Macronaut

Friday, April 4, 2014
Location & Time: 

Moss Arts Center - The Sandbox (8:30-9:30am)

Macronaut is an ICAT grant led by Brook Kennedy (Associate Professor - Industrial Design) to produce a camera-phone magnifying lens that enables students to capture amazing imperceptible detail in our local natural surroundings. This is being deployed as an interdisciplinary learning tool for the Spring 2014 honors colloquium "Integrating Biology and Design," a class composed of biology, design and engineering students. The goal is to explore how biological concepts can play a role in creating innovative, sustainable solutions to human problems.

"Community Playdates" are open discussions of topics and ideas from ICAT, Virginia Tech, and the community. We welcome any interested students, faculty, and community members to join these discussions, and enjoy coffee/pastries from the Next Door Bake Shop!