Applied Theories in HCI

Course Number: 

CS 6724


Dr. Scott McCrickard

Education Level: 

9:05 -11:35 am

(First meeting: Jan 14 in McBryde 110)


This special topics course will examine how theories in the relatively new
field of human-computer interaction influence things we build.

The course will be largely discussion based, with a focus on enabling
students (and others who wish to attend) to examine how a technology
initiative that they are part of (e.g., thesis/dissertation work, or some
project they craft for the class) leverages and extends theories of HCI.
We spend the early class sessions discussing the state of HCI theory and
highlighting some major efforts (dissertations, books, journal papers)
from Virginia Tech that exercise the theories.

The bulk of the class sessions will focus on student presentations and
in-class activities.  Each student will work with the professor to craft
presentations and hands-on activities that will advance the understanding
of all class participants with regard to the state and directions of HCI
theory, and how theory can be applied in design.

Prior coursework or experience in HCI is a plus, but not necessary.
Contact the professor, Dr. Scott McCrickard ( with
questions about the course or to sign up.