ICAT Projects

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Connected Vehicle Derby

The project "Connected Vehicle Derby" is a collaboration between ICAT and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Bio-Inspired Visualization

In this project, we focus on an online help forum for Java programming language, and identify the behavior patterns and difference between the new comers (help seekers) and the forum experts (help providers). Our bio-inspired approach allows us to visualize and animate online activities by mapping them to a set of natural behaviors, such as following and flocking.

Engineering Information visualization, social media 4/11/14
StockBubbler: A Tool for Stock Market Bubble Visualization

StockBubbler is an interactive visualization tool for observing stock market data and predicting the onset of a stock market bubble burst.

Pamplin College of Business, Engineering Information visualization, financial data visualization 4/11/14
The Orb

The Orb is a data visualization showcasing research projects associated with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering Data visualization, ICAT PR, presentation tools 4/11/14
Emergency Evacuation Planning for Lane Stadium

A real-time crowd simulation system based on an accurate 3D model of Lane stadium will be implemented as well as an emergency evacuation plan with real-time crowd simulation for different emergency scenarios, like lightening or a bomb threat.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering interactive, Simulation, Visualization, Evacuation plan 5/9/14
Bat Biodiversity and Biosonar

The project attempts to find different ways to use visualization and rendering software to better understand biosonar in bats. This process can also be used to create a large repository of digital models that catalog the biodiversity of bats.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering 3D Visualization 5/30/14
Design Thinking in Middle School 6/5/14
Impromptu Glorious Chorus Project

The project involves preparation for a performance for the Center for the Arts opening in November. The guest artist, Elise Witt, was invited by Ruth Waalkes to create an “impromptu glorious chorus,” which involves community workshops with groups and individuals culminating with the public.

Gendered Arrangements

Gendered Arrangements, an initiative of the Women’s and Gender Studies program in the department of Sociology at Virginia Tech, is in response to the third goal of promoting gender equality and empowering women.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Digital production, Event 6/10/14
Origins of Innovation

Origins of Innovation graduate seminar investigates how innovation has become the organizing frame for work across the arts, design, engineering, and sciences. With students from programs across campus we explore the boundaries, methods, hype, and deeper meanings of “innovation.”

Engineering, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Graduate education, graduate collaboration, innovation 6/10/14
Creative Community Engagement

Now underway, the innovation is to listen first to the community’s voices, rather than debate or argue differences; and, to do so by creating an inviting space of engagement through process and design learned and developed by network partners in earlier projects and activities such as Building Home and Whether System, Community Voices, and Talk at the Table.

Community engagement 6/10/14
Audio Storytelling Workshop Series: Sounds of Community

Through a partnership between ICAT, Interact Studio, and the Floyd Country Store, audio pioneer and public radio contributor, Jim Metzner, conducted a two-day workshop for local community centered around sound, image, story collecting, and community narrative. Metzner’s “Pulse of the Planet” and his work in digital media are widely recognized for their value to the arts, science, and knowledge of the natural world.

Workshop 6/10/14
Blacksburg 16 Squares

Since Blacksburg was chartered by the Virginia Legislature in 1798, it has had over two centuries of development. This provides a unique opportunity to capture the dynamics of change and place across time by employing such technologies as virtual and augmented reality.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences History, Digital Interaction 7/1/14
3D Meteorological Immersion Experience: Tornado in the Cube

In-situ observation and sampling of significant weather phenomena is meaningful, but often it is meteorologically uninformative given significant limits to positioning observers and instrumentation near what are often dangerous atmospheric conditions. 

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Natural Resources & Environment 3D Visualization 7/1/14
Numerical Modeling of Human Crowd Dynamics Engineering Digital Interaction 8/1/14