ICAT Projects

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Identifying Collaboration & Creativity in Instrumented Buildings to Support Innovation

This study follows a simple experimental design to identify patterns within accelerometer and motion tracking data and to link these patterns with human behaviors and outcomes.

Engineering, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Natural Resources & Environment Education, Engineering, Social Sciences 7/1/15
"Be the Data" at Women in Computing Day

Eighty 7th grade girls from southwestern Virginia learned about data analytics and visualization at the Women in Computing workshop today at Virginia Tech.  In particular, they learned how to explore high-dimensional data by manipulating 2D projections of the data.

Engineering, Science 3D Visualization 6/10/15
Reusable Form for Producing Custom-Fit Grips

The goal of this project was to develop a reusable form that can capture the interior shape of a person’s grip for the purpose of manufacturing custom-fit grips for products such as motorcycles, professional cutlery, golf clubs, and more.

Engineering 3D Visualization 4/10/15
Matrix Redux

This project builds on the existing Cube infrastructure to provide the interaction framework and the corresponding testbed to support research into human behavior and practices using a mixed-reality environments. 

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Science Virtual Reality, Human Behavior, Matrix, Matrix Redux 4/10/15
KINESTHETIC FIELD: The Art & Technology of Electromagnetic Fields

Kinesthetic Field is a full-body, kinesthetic approach to revealing electromagnetic fields. It is a concept for a public installation that allows people in separate locations to physically interact with each other through direct manipulation of dynamic sculptures.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Science digital visualization, magnetic fields 3/6/15
Parametric Sign Shack

The Parametric Sign Shack is an exploration in curvilinear surfaces constructed of two dimensional panels. 


Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering Environmental 2/1/15
Advancing Transportation Infrastructure 3D Image-Based Reconstruction with Application to Bridge Deck Crack Mappping and Inspection Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering 3D Visualization 10/1/14
Be the Data: Embodied Interaction in Bayesian Visual Analytics
Be the Data promotes creative interactive data exploration through the novel combination of the physical and virtual worlds.
Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Science Interactive Data 9/1/14
Medical Avatar: The Time Health Machine by artist Virgil Wong
This exhibit of art and technology uses multidisciplinary concepts to create the visualization of health data.
Art, Health, Visualization 8/1/14
Numerical Modeling of Human Crowd Dynamics Engineering Digital Interaction 8/1/14
Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble: "Resonance on the Walls"
On December 4, 2014, the Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Annie Stevens presented “Resonance on the Walls”, a unique concert in the Moss Arts Center’s multimedia enhanced space, the CUBE.
Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Natural Resources & Environment Performing Arts & Techology 8/1/14
Blacksburg 16 Squares

Since Blacksburg was chartered by the Virginia Legislature in 1798, it has had over two centuries of development. This provides a unique opportunity to capture the dynamics of change and place across time by employing such technologies as virtual and augmented reality.

Architecture & Urban Studies, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences History, Digital Interaction 7/1/14
3D Meteorological Immersion Experience: Tornado in the Cube

In-situ observation and sampling of significant weather phenomena is meaningful, but often it is meteorologically uninformative given significant limits to positioning observers and instrumentation near what are often dangerous atmospheric conditions. 

Architecture & Urban Studies, Engineering, Natural Resources & Environment 3D Visualization 7/1/14
Creative Community Engagement

Now underway, the innovation is to listen first to the community’s voices, rather than debate or argue differences; and, to do so by creating an inviting space of engagement through process and design learned and developed by network partners in earlier projects and activities such as Building Home and Whether System, Community Voices, and Talk at the Table.

Community engagement 6/10/14
Audio Storytelling Workshop Series: Sounds of Community

Through a partnership between ICAT, Interact Studio, and the Floyd Country Store, audio pioneer and public radio contributor, Jim Metzner, conducted a two-day workshop for local community centered around sound, image, story collecting, and community narrative. Metzner’s “Pulse of the Planet” and his work in digital media are widely recognized for their value to the arts, science, and knowledge of the natural world.

Workshop 6/10/14